I’m a Dad who wishes Lacrosse was available to him as a kid, but is fortunate to have 3 sons who play.  I’m a golfer who loves to mess with his equipment so I’ve started messing with the LAX stuff too… Can’t help myself.  I’m starting to do the stringing for my boys and am somewhat flummoxed by all […]

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I’ve received this question a few times so might as well give it a shot. It goes something like this.. Hi, I am researching starting a lacrosse and field hockey store. I was hoping you could give me some advice on how to get the big brands to show interest in my store for selling […]


Q&A: Throw Far With a D-Pole

How do you string a head that allows you to throw farther as a d-man -Chris Hey Chris, You’ll have to tinker a bit and see what what you like but if I was a d-man and wanted to throw some deep lobs i’m playing with 10 diamond hard all they way… no questions asked. […]

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Q&A: What Goal Mesh Would You Buy?

What are the differences between the different Goalie meshes that you could string your stick with, and which one would you buy? -Jake Hey Jake, The short answer is I would buy 12 diamond goalie mesh or standard 17 diamond hard goalie mesh. It you want an easier release go with the hard mesh. Not […]

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Q&A: My Release Isn’t Smooth

Hi – I am having issues with the ball not releasing from my stick properly, I believe it is getting caught on the first shooter which is a very loose ‘U’. I have undone the string and don’t think it can become much looser. However, the ball is still getting caught and will not travel […]

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New Lacrosse Directory

Hey Lax Fans! We have a great new site for you all. Check out www.lacrosse-links.com to find anything lacrosse. Have a site that is related to lacrosse? Post a free link today. We want to build the biggest lacrosse directory every. There are a lot of great hidden lacrosse site and we want to show […]

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